22 April 2004

June 3rd is getting closer............ and The Bombers are starting to build a future finally....we just need a quarterback of the future

16 April 2004

Did you guys see the Vancouver/Calgary game? Well, Calgary won, which is sweet, because I hate all things Vancouver. But the funniest thing was when Jarkko Ruutu knocked Stephane Yelle into his bench. A bunch of guys got into a scrum, and they were all grabbing at each other, and one Calgary Flame fell down, and Jarkko Ruutu put an ANKLE LOCK on him, right on the ice!! Hilarious!!

12 April 2004

Ninja Boot '94.

'Nuff said!

11 April 2004

UNREAL!! I was wrong!! Steve Perry and Steve Augeri are two TOTALLY different people!! What the Hell?!? Now I HAVE to buy the Journey's Greatest Hits DVD as well, because that has Steve Perry singing. And as good as Augeri is, and he's friggin amazing (Hell, he convinced me that no two people who had the same first name could possibly sound so similiar), I need to hear some of that Steve Perry action.

Steve Perry

Steve Augeri

Whatever, I'm positive I invented ninja boot. I will stand by that. Anyway, just a couple of thoughts:

1. For anyone who's seen the Journey DVD, I have to ask: is it just me, or is there an abnormally large amount of MILFs in the audience? Never have I said, "I don't care if she's 40, I'd so bang her" so many times in a 90 minute period.

2. I was showering at the Wellness Institute when I remembered something that happened to me about a year ago. I was at work, dropping a deuce, when my nose started to bleed. So there I was, crunching it like a madman, toilet paper crammed in my left nostril turning a deep shade of crimson when I thought to myself, "If someone was to bust down the door and take a picture, there is no possible way I could look any more unattractive than I do right now." Anyone else ever have that feeling? What happened?

09 April 2004

Ninja boot is old hat. It's been around for at least a decade. Where have you been?

08 April 2004

I can't believe this!! Remember how when we went camping last summer, we created the term "ninja boot" because camel toe and moose knuckle were becoming too obvious? Well, I was looking through the Winnipeg Sun the other day, and I noticed a picture with a couple of teams at the U of M playing street hockey. One of the teams was called "Taco Fish", and the other? You guessed it, Ninja Boot.

Part of me is pissed because I feel ripped off, but part of me feels good that I added something to Winnipeg's Pop Culture. If Ninja Boot takes off, there'll be hordes and hordes of guys who claim they invented it. But only one will be telling the truth: me.

05 April 2004

Hey, so what is the deal with the Moffats? Are you referring to the fact that they fell off the face of the earth?

Your new place is just across the hall...carry that shit over.

BTW, Hellboy was really good, even great!

04 April 2004

Hey everyone, quick updates on whats going on:
- Congrats on the new house, Sayas boys. It's fan-frickin-tastic. BYOT on the Halo parties. Good luck getting on to that roof, Russ.
- What the Hell happened to The Moffats?
- Workouts have been going okay. I'm crazy hurting from the leg workout, though.
- Moving across the hall in three weeks... still wondering if I should even pack shit up, or just carry it over
- EVERY Bomber road game is televised!! And 7 of 9 home games!!
- Where's Rusty, Mikey, Nelly, Glenny, and Yoyo Ma?
- Everyone here gone to movie-vault.com already? Have you told friends about it? I'm hoping for a very, very, very small cult following, but I'll settle for monstrous commercial success that allows me to completely sell out.
- Someone aped "Walking Tall" so I won't be reviewing that one... but watch out for reviews on Street Fighter, Fubar, and Tommy Boy.
- Now that Wes is back online, and Yo knows about this place, and Shaner's thinking of shit for the Scrabble Project, and football seasons coming up for Nex, this place should get busier than a Giant Tiger with wild colored, short-sleeved, button-up comic book shirts on sale for 12.99.