31 August 2003

First off, I want to welcome the newest members to the salad party, Shane-O-Mac and Nexus Terror. Welcome the the familia, friends. That puts us at four over the course of two days. That means, by my calculations, it should only take two months for us to get to THREE MILLION MEMBERS. Remember, to do your part, all you have to do is tell two friends. Then they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on.

Since I can basically talk about anything I want, I'm crazy psyched about this upcoming NFL season. Maybe it's cause my fantasy rosters are pretty sweet, maybe it's cause my Dolphins actually have a chance this year, or maybe it's cause you have absolutely no idea who will win, but this season is shaping up to be pretty sweet. Here's my predictions for this year:

- Miami will win the AFC East
- LaDanian Tomlinson will lead the league in rushing
- Charles Rogers will have the best year of any rookie wide reciever since Randy Moss (he would have bettered it had James Stewart not gotten injured)
- Green Bay won't make the playoffs (Yeah, I said it. Hear that, Nick and Kevin?)
- The Greatest Show on Turf will return, but their defence sucks too much ass to compete.
- Seattle will have a breakout year, and I'm not just saying that to convince Feeds to jump in on this.
- Peyton Manning will remain perfect in the post-season: winless
- Pennington's done, Vick isn't. But TJ Duckett and Peerless Price are fucked.
- Tommy Maddox and Matt Hasselbeck will rise to elite quarterback status.
- Kyle Boller will outplay Carson Palmer, but only because the wicked Raven's D will give him better field position.
- AFC MVP: Ricky Williams
- NFC MVP: Donovan McNabb
- Offensive Rookie of the Year: Charles Rogers
- Defensive Rookie of the Year: Terrel Suggs
- Super-Bowl Champs: Who else? The fins, baby!!

30 August 2003

Okay, since Slaze insists that I set down some rules, these are my basic guidelines...
- Racism, sexism, blasphemy, and all that other jazz? That's okay by me.
- Dissing Jean-Claude Van Damme will not only get your ass kicked off this site, but if you're smaller than me, I will kick your ass. And if you're bigger? There are bats, and there are backs, and no broken-backed bastard can catch me.
- Terrorists? Not allowed. If you put the 'bad' in Jalalabad, you are not welcome here.
- If you think Ben Affleck is cooler than Matt Damon, keep that to yourself. If you think Ben Affleck is cooler than Jean-Claude Van Damme, you may want to run into your kitchen and check on your cupcakes there, Sally.
- If you are a sexual deviant, and would like to share your stories about all the different and ridiculous ways you get hot in the pants, please remember that the following words, while not prohibited, are most certainly frowned upon: bukkake, she-male fiesta, vomit sluts, and severe rectal bleeding.
- And please, please remember: Opinions are like browneyes. Everyone's got one, and no two are the same. So everyone's opinions should be respected, and feared. Hey, just like assholes!

29 August 2003

wow.. im blogging a salad.. thats weird.. my keyboard is the tongue and this wonderful mind-birth of mark chua's is the anus.. not his anus, this sites anus.. im not weird like that.. k, this isnt going as i planned.. anyway mark, i see your new approach to get the whole weblogging ball rolling thing again.. allowing anybody who wants to join, the ability to join.. thats neat.. i guess brokun mindz was a little too elitist.. im down, but i think you should set some guidlines.. this way, you can kick someone out of this orgy of salad blogging and not have to lose sleep at night.. hey man, u gotta remember to cover your ass.. k, till the next tossing.. who's next on the roster?

Here's something weird. I was going along, and changing all of the settings so that according to Coastal's Law, it was fantastic. And the weird thing: under time zone, it lists Canada - Saskatchewan for central time. Well, I'm not about to rep tractor pulls, combines and fucking your sister, so to hell with Saskatchewan. I looked for Canada - Manitoba, but couldn't find it. But I did find America - Winnipeg. That's messed. Unless, of course, they were talking about Winnipeg, South Dakota. Oh, BTW: Coastal's Law? It's just like Coastal's Love, baby: Hard and Fast

Wow, fantasterrific. I have my own blog site. If anyone else is down for this madness, by all means, go for it.