27 September 2003

Two cents?? What's with this two cents noise? We want the whole enchilada, baby!! Was your blogger tossed? Did some drunk white girl show her funbags? What's going on? Posts should be like facial tattoos: All about details.

26 September 2003

so i was at oktoberfest, or as i like to call it, octfestival, but thats just me. anyway, i just wanted to give my two cents on white girls: theyre awesome. thats all. have a good weekend.

22 September 2003

I got it from all of you guys in week one, so here it is. Nice to know vengeance takes 14 days.


Miami 17
Buffalo 7

Run, Ricky, Run!! Paper Defence? I don't think so, think so, think so!! How many playmakers does this team have if it's two best players, Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, do not get a sack or pick, and yet SIX other players go ahead and either intercept a pass or sack the QB? Sammy Knight, Pat Surtain, Sam Madison and Brock Marion are bar none THE BEST secondary in the league. And only Green Bay's anemic secondary could make Jeff Blake look like the next Brett Favre, and only Green Bay's weak-ass recieving corps could make Brett Favre look like the second coming of Jeff Blake. Favre to Freeman? Yeah, if it was '96. Maybe Green Bay should sign Terrible Terry Tate. Triple T, baby!! He'll give them the injection they need. A special dose of pain injection!! Get on the Pain Train baby!! All aboard!!

18 September 2003

Sweet, 3-1 in the "Nexus Error" Challenge. How the Hell was I supposed to know Jamal Lewis would run for 295 yards? Throw down your picks, Nex. I'm curious to see if I can do it again. You too, Merlin.

Hey Shaney, good to see ya here. We (at work) saw the pictures from the crash, and wow, we didn't realize it was that serious. Get better soon, bro. Oh, we were wondering at work: So, instead of waiting a half hour to take a free cab, you instead took your bike. Then you got hit, and went to the hospital. How did you get home from the hospital? Did you take a cab, a cab that you had to end up paying for? Cause, that, my friends, is irony ramped up to 11. Anyway, can't wait to see ya at work, and just to give you fair warning: get some clever comebacks ready, cause a lot of people are waiting for their shot at the man who's humiliated them so many times. Trust me, the boys in security are licking their chops at the wounded animal. Bring your A game, and show those boys: "When it's game time... it's PAIN TIME!!"

Terry Tate represent!!

17 September 2003

Ok, my first post people. On Monday I was hit by a car while riding home on my bike from work. If you have today's paper you can see the results of the crash. Believe me when I tell you, I am lucky to be alive. I was probably inches away from joining Johnny Cash and John Ritter in the waiting line to the afterlife. I'm not exactly sure how I survived with only minor injuries, but you better believe I am playing the lottery this week. :)

Cya guys later.

14 September 2003

Johnny Cash
John Ritter

13 September 2003

Ouch, now I know what it truly feels like to be a bachelor. TWO DAYS after pay day, I check my account balance. The very nice robot lady comes on and says, "Your account is currently overdrawn by... sixty-six... dollars... and thirty-five.... cents." WTF!?! And I have no food, either!! So I go to Safeway and buy two weeks worth of food for the retarded low price of $6.76. Mind you, I'll be living on KD, ramen noodles and the shittiest hot dogs they have to offer for the next 8 days. How bad do these hot dogs have to be when the good hot dogs, which are literally four times the price, contain nothing but cow hooves and anus? That's a nice thought.

What's everyone's favorite ebonics saying? Personally, I'm a fan of, "Belie' DAT!". The way I judge how good an ebonics term is is by a) how completely fucking raped the english language is, and b) how ridiculous someone who isn't black looks when they say it.

BTW, The Van Damme Villain Project will have to wait until next week, since I have NO MONEY to rent any movies. And to base it purely on Tong Po vs Bison vs Chong Li is a fight to decide the top three, not the top ten.

PS - Nex, can you PLEASE change the song? I haven't heard anything that ugly since, "And when this team wins the cup... IT'S COMING BACK TO WINNIPEG" Ahh, Eddie O. Will we ever let that die?

10 September 2003

It's been a while since I've said anything, and that might have something to do with Miami crazy ATF-ing against Houston last week. I'm just glad I wore my Ricky Williams jersey on Friday, cause there's no way I'm wearing that thing until at least next Sunday. I have my picks, but instead of showing all of them, I'm gonna do a little segment called, "Nexus Terror?? More like Nexus Error!!" It will be the four games I most strongly disagree with the Nextser on. Wow, this is guaranteed to make me look really stupid at some point or another.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - Gotta go with Cleveland. Kyle Boller is only in his second game, and William Green is due to bust out. Maybe not against Baltimore, but I still can't bet on a rookie QB with no recievers to help him.
Pittsburgh @ Kansas City - In Priest we Trust, baby. The man's back, and with Trent Green, Boa and Gonzalez and an improved defense and home field? I smell an upset.
Washington @ Atlanta - I don't have much faith in this one, but I promised four, so here it is. Coles vs. Price = Draw. Dunn/Duckett vs Canidate/Betts = Atlanta. Brookins vs Arrington = Washington. Bailey/Smoot vs. Buchanan/whoever = Washington. The kicker would have been Vick vs Ramsey to give Atlanta the win, but he ain't here. Look for the Jetskins to shine again.
Chicago @ Minnesota - You're gonna hear a whole lotta Culpepper to Moss in this one. Kordell Stewart? Slash? Kordell's slash alright. Kordell sucks/blows/couldn't find an open reciever if he was sleeping with his wife/... you get the picture.

Also, and this'll probably piss Russ off, but look for Houston to maybe be 2-0 by the end of the week. Why? New Orleans has lost 4 regular season games in a row since last year, losing to such perennial Super Bowl contenders Cincinnati, Carolina, Minnesota and Seattle.

Oh, and this weeks tip: If you decide to get into a UFC fight with one of your buddies, do everything in your power to make sure it's not the one who's father is a seventh degree red belt and one of the scariest men in all of Manitoba.

omg Miami's new jersy's are so fucking ugly....... ORANGE and not a good orange either an ugly orange

09 September 2003

i am the merlin, and these are my predictions

green bay
new orleans
st. louis
tampa bay
san diego
ny giants

never doubt the merlin

so my point spread was abit off in week one and there were some upsets......which means I am not gonna do point spread no more but just pick winners:

In week one my record was 9-5 here are week 2 predictions........

Sunday, Sep. 14
Buffalo at Jacksonville, 1:00 pm --------Buffalo
Cleveland at Baltimore, 1:00 pm -------- Baltimore
Detroit at Green Bay, 1:00 pm ----------Grenn Bay
Houston at New Orleans, 1:00 pm ----------New Orleans
Miami at N.Y. Jets, 1:00 pm -----------------Miami
Pittsburgh at Kansas City, 1:00 pm ----------Pittsburgh
San Francisco at St. Louis, 1:00 pm ---------- San Fran
Tennessee at Indianapolis, 1:00 pm ---------- Tennessee
Washington at Atlanta, 1:00 pm ------------- Atlanta
Carolina at Tampa Bay, 4:05 pm ------------ Tampa Bay
Seattle at Arizona, 4:05 pm --------------Arizona
Cincinnati at Oakland, 4:15 pm ------------Oakland
Denver at San Diego, 4:15 pm -------------Denver
New England at Philadelphia, 4:15 pm ------------Philadelphia
Chicago at Minnesota, 8:30 pm --------------Chicago

Monday, Sep. 15
Dallas at N.Y. Giants, 9:00 pm --------- N .Y. Giants

Any thoughts or comments please leave them

08 September 2003

that was mark and our buddy dastin.. he's a master of sikaran.. mark lost.. he tapped out on a chokehold.. its a lot more smoother in the

good version

its 85 megs though so thats the downer.. do the whole "right click" and "save as" if you have the time..

knibb high football rules!!

well that looked like alot of alcoholic beverages were consumed........ but one question.....

who were the two people dancing together?!?!

bored? why not watch the trailer for the selkirk 2003 movie..

give 'er..

knibb high football rules!!

Houston 21 Miami 20

nuff said

03 September 2003

Who says Leonard Nemoy never did anything worth while.... this songs proves he is the master of all music

Well, if you're gonna talk about greatest of ALL TIME, what about these champs:

Evgeny "The Gene Machine" Davydov and "Baut-fuck" Sergei Bautin?

Remember when we used to play hockey, and even though that team had Teemu, Tkachuk, Zhamnov, Domi and Housley, I would VOLUNTARILY call Evgeny Davydov? Crazy stuff. Almost as crazy as that basketball card game we invented.

"And in the first round, the Terrors select, from the New York Knicks, guard John Starks"

On another note, the Bombers play the Args on Sunday... who's down for some tix? Oh, and TJ's on Saturday, Pal's on Monday.

Woman is a danger peace.

01 September 2003

oh damn I can not believe I forgot about him.......

yes IRONSTRENGTH is the greatest of all time

Please forgive my iignorance

fuck brett favre! fuck dan marino! the greatest quarterback in NFL muthersmoothin history is IGOR "IRONSTRENGTH" ULANOV!


igor ulanov #4
height: 7-1
weight: 399lbs
born: 1/32/0666
college: adolescent parent center
nfl experience: 0 days

woman is a danger cat.

bastardation the stats look fucked did not show up right .....opps you can figure it all out tho

let's look at the record's between Marino and Favre:

Brett Favre #4
Height: 6-2
Weight: 225
Born: 10/10/1969
College: SouthernMississippi
NFL Experience: 13


YEAR TEAM G GS Att Comp Pct Yds YPA Lg TD Int Rate
1991 Atlanta Falcons 2 0 5 0 0.0 0 0.00 0 0 2 0.0
1992 Green Bay Packers 15 13 471 302 64.1 3227 6.85 76 18 13 85.3
1993 Green Bay Packers 16 16 522 318 60.9 3303 6.33 66 19 24 72.2
1994 Green Bay Packers 16 16 582 363 62.4 3882 6.67 49 33 14 90.7
1995 Green Bay Packers 16 16 570 359 63.0 4413 7.74 99 38 13 99.5
1996 Green Bay Packers 16 16 543 325 59.9 3899 7.18 80 39 13 95.8
1997 Green Bay Packers 16 16 513 304 59.3 3867 7.54 74 35 16 92.6
1998 Green Bay Packers 16 16 551 347 63.0 4212 7.64 84 31 23 87.8
1999 Green Bay Packers 16 16 595 341 57.3 4091 6.88 74 22 23 74.7
2000 Green Bay Packers 16 16 580 338 58.3 3812 6.57 67 20 16 78.0
2001 Green Bay Packers 16 16 510 314 61.6 3921 7.69 67 32 15 94.1
2002 Green Bay Packers 16 16 551 341 61.9 3658 6.64 85 27 16 85.6

TOTAL 177 173 5993 3652 60.9 42285 7.06 99 314 188 86.7

13 Dan Marino

Height: 6-4
Weight: 218
Born: 09/15/1961
College: Pittsburgh
NFL Experience: 0


YEAR TEAM G GS Att Comp Pct Yds YPA Lg TD Int Rate
1983 Miami Dolphins 11 9 296 173 58.4 2210 7.5 85 20 6 96.0
1984 Miami Dolphins 16 16 564 362 64.2 5084 9.0 80 48 17 108.9
1985 Miami Dolphins 16 16 567 336 59.3 4137 7.3 73 30 21 84.1
1986 Miami Dolphins 16 16 623 378 60.7 4746 7.6 85 44 23 92.5
1987 Miami Dolphins 12 12 444 263 59.2 3245 7.3 59 26 13 89.2
1988 Miami Dolphins 16 16 606 354 58.4 4434 7.3 80 28 23 80.8
1989 Miami Dolphins 16 16 550 308 56.0 3997 7.3 78 24 22 76.9
1990 Miami Dolphins 16 16 531 306 57.6 3563 6.7 69 21 11 82.6
1991 Miami Dolphins 16 16 549 318 57.9 3970 7.2 54 25 13 85.8
1992 Miami Dolphins 16 16 554 330 59.6 4116 7.4 62 24 16 85.1
1993 Miami Dolphins 5 5 150 91 60.7 1218 8.1 80 8 3 95.9
1994 Miami Dolphins 16 16 615 385 62.6 4453 7.2 64 30 17 89.2
1995 Miami Dolphins 14 14 482 309 64.1 3668 7.6 67 24 15 90.8
1996 Miami Dolphins 13 13 373 221 59.2 2795 7.5 74 17 9 87.8
1997 Miami Dolphins 16 16 548 319 58.2 3780 6.9 55 16 11 80.7
1998 Miami Dolphins 16 16 537 310 57.7 3497 6.5 61 23 15 80.0
1999 Miami Dolphins 11 11 369 204 55.3 2448 6.6 62 12 17 67.4

TOTAL 17 NFL Seasons 242 240 8358 4967 59.4 61361 7.3 85 420 252 86.4

Dan Marino Had Isotoner Gloves...... Brett Favre had too many to name them all but most noticablely Nike and Edge Shave gel


Marino 0 - 1 in the big game
Favre 1 - 1 in the big game

Favre = Champion
Marino = LOSER

But no worries as about me slamming Jean Claude. As much as Van Damme can not act I will not touch that subject.... I know you have had like the biggest crush on him for SO LONG so I will spare you, but come on those are amost as bad as any Steven Seagal movie.

Glad to see Nexus Sister is here, even if it is only to diss the fins. Actually, now that I look at it carefully, they may win the division, because they're in with such fucking winners like the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. If they don't go AT LEAST 5-1 in their division, do they even deserve a playoff spot? How you can say Favre is the best QB of all time and not expect me to respond is ridiculous. But you probably expected me to respond, so it's not that ridiculous. All we have to do is look at their records. Ace Ventura vs. Something About Mary. Isotoner gloves vs whatever the Hell it is Favre sells. I think we can all agree that "The Man" is still the man. Dan Marino is where it's at, Nex. Jump on the bus.

Oh, I love the fact that they wear teal and orange. Because any time you see someone in Dolphins clothes, you KNOW they're a big-time Dolphins fan. No one in their right mind would wear teal and orange for fashion reasons.

Oh, and to kick off the opening of this little site, I will, in about a week, reveal the 10 greatest Jean-Claude Van Damme villains of all time. Now, to most of you who know me, this may not seem like that daunting of a task. But I will judge this fairly by watching every Van Damme movie I either don't remember or haven't seen. Now, if this still doesn't seem all that bad, take this into consideration: I've seen or can remember seeing Kickboxer, Street Fighter, Lionheart, Bloodsport and Universal Soldier. I do NOT, however, remember seeing or have seen Universal Soldier: The Return, The Order, Double Team, Maximum Risk, Timecop, Desert Heat, Replicant, Knock Off, Legionnaire... oh Good God, this is gonna be tougher than I thought. The things I'm willing do to for Blog My Salad. I guess it really is true what they say: "Try everything once, except for incest and heroin".

Green Bay will make wild card ... I know you can't believe I am only saying wild card but even I have to admit the greatest QB of all time( NFL) can only bring a shoddy defence so far .

As for the "bought" team that wears the gayest colors of any football team anywhere from any time ( not counting any teams from NFL Europe because those just don't count for anything) they will have a disappointing season as usual. The best team on paper will not get it down on the field. I am looking for alot of injuries or egos that get in the way of them doing anything this year. Once again Dolphins will never win another Super Bowl again!

Look for the Buc to return to and win once again the Super Bowl. There team has not changed much and no one can do anything against the best "D" in the NFL.
Or dare I say 49'ers???

AFC MVP: Ricky Williams or Tommy Maddox
NFC MVP : Jeff Garcia

Week 1
( Predictions By me)
Thursday, Sept.4
N.Y. Jets at Washington, 9:00 pm ----> Washington by 7
Sunday, Sep. 7
Arizona at Detroit, 1:00 pm ------->N/A
Baltimore at Pittsburgh, 1:00 pm ------>Pitt by 14
Denver at Cincinnati, 1:00 pm -------> Den by 10
Houston at Miami, 1:00 pm -------> Miami by 14
Indianapolis at Cleveland, 1:00 pm -------> Indy by 17
Jacksonville at Carolina, 1:00 pm -------> N/A
Minnesota at Green Bay, 1:00 pm -------> GB by 8
New England at Buffalo, 1:00 pm -------> New England by 3
San Diego at Kansas City, 1:00 pm -------> KC by 7
St. Louis at N.Y. Giants, 1:00 pm -------> St.Louis by 10
Atlanta at Dallas, 4:15 pm -------> ATL by 14
Chicago at San Francisco, 4:15 pm -------> SF by 20
New Orleans at Seattle, 4:15 pm -------> Seattle by 6
Oakland at Tennessee, 8:30 pm -------> OAK by 12
Monday, Sep. 8
Tampa Bay at Philadelphia, 9:00 pm -------> TB by 14